Sunday, November 24, 2019

The best LibreOffice extensions. Formatting of all Math formulas

So, there is another one the best LibreOffice extension for you! If you have many number of Math formulas in your Writer, Calc, Draw or Impress document, then you know you can't change font and font size for these objects for one time. You should open its one-by-one and change these parameters manually in Math editor. Ugly!
Our extension Formatting of All Math Formulas allows you change only font or only font size or both for ALL Math formulas in your document for one time! Or you can select only several Math formulas and make your changes only for it.
Download the extension by link above, install it. In LibreOffice you'll find it in Tools->Add-ons->FaF. When you start it you'll see a dialog:
If you want to change only font size, then uncheck "Enable changing of font" option, set up needed font size in the field and press "Formatting..." button.
If you want to change only font, then uncheck "Enable changing of font size" option, select font from drop-down list (you can start to type font name from first letter for faster searching), and press "Formatting..." button.
If you selected only several Math objects from all before start of the FaF dialog, then will be available "Formatting only in selection" button.
After all changings for all Math objects you'll see a "Done" message with OK button.
If you don't want to make any changes, then just press Close button.

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