Saturday, July 4, 2020

Will LibreOffice 7.0 be only Personal Edition for individual use???

So... I was very surprised when I saw this in About dialog in LibreOffice (that screenshot was made in current master 7.1, but you can see the same in 7.0 RC1 version):
Look at LibreOffice logo with "Personal Edition" phrase, look at sidebar in Start Center with the same phrase and note to "The Personal edition is supported by volunteers and intended for individual use."
And what is mean? Where is any public announcement? They say it was in marketing mail list. How many people read that mail list? Five?
It means that I can't install LibreOffice 7.0 in any organization in Russia, because our controlling people will be see very simple to legality in this case: open the About dialog -> read that "intended for individual use" and LibreOffice logo with "Personal Edition" -> you can't use LibreOffice here! Nobody will check what say MPL 2.0 license about it or why TDF made it, they just point a finger at it and they will be right!
It will close for LibreOffice any education organizations like schools or colleges or universities.
I wont popularize LibreOffice for young people because they will never see LibreOffice in them schools.
I against these changes. Please revoke it!
ps: I had a suggestion about add into About dialog phrase like "You can use/install LibreOffice to any number of computers in any place (at home, organizations, etc.)" but they were against! See the bug report. And now they make own changes in to opposite side from free.