Sunday, January 19, 2020

Next release after LibreOffice 6.4 will be LibreOffice 7

Congratulations! Next release after LibreOffice 6.4 will be LibreOffice 7 instead LibreOffice 6.5. Look at that message in marketing mail list.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

LibreOffice 6.4 RC2 is available

LibreOffice 6.4 RC2 is available for downloading now. There are builds for all main OS for 64 bit. There is a 32 bit build for Windows also. These builds are only for testing.
Links for direct downloading below:
Source code
Description of fixed bugs in LibreOffice 6.4 RC2 compare with LibreOffice 6.4 RC1 is by link.
If you found a bug in LibreOffice 6.4 RC2, then please file a bug reprort in our Bugzilla.
Else one candidat release will be before final release of LibreOffice 6.4.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Problem with LibreOffice installed with SiGUI

This note is more for QA people in LibreOffice project. 
If you test LibreOffice in Windows then possibly you use the SiGUI tool for parallel installing of many versions of LibreOffice.
Some days ago I got a crash in current developer build (future LibreOffice 6.5) that was installed with SiGUI. Nobody could repro that crash, but I got it every time. Deleting of user profile have not help. I always installed LibreOffice for testing into the same directory on top of old version. It was a reason for my problem! A crash disappeared only after LibreOffice installing to another clean directory.
So better install LibreOffice for testing with SiGUI only in clean path and if you want use for it only one directory, then delete all subdirectories and all files from it before install.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

About problems in LibreOffice from Linux distro packages

Very big thank you for all people who write bug reports about LibreOffice in to our bugzilla. But sometime I see, that your problems are only in Linux distro's (like SuSe, Ubuntu, Arch, etc.) LibreOffice and we can't repro your problem in LibreOffice from TDF site.
Your reports are really very important for our project and you really help make LibreOffice better. Unfortunately, we have only several active QA member now. So I have a big request for you, dear bug reporters: before post a report with LibreOffice problem in to our bugzilla, please make sure that your problem reproducible not only in your installed LibreOffice but also in LibreOffice downloaded from TDF site. It makes QA work more simple.
Thank you for your reports anyway.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Fixed a terrible regression

There was a bug tdf#128133 about "muddy fonts in LibreOffice GUI with 125% scale in Windows". I have 125% scaled GUI on all my machines with Windows because I have a bad vision. And that bug was very terrible for me. 
The bug was a regression but we have couldn't to find a bad commit using bibisect process. We just have had wrong result.
And finally, Jan-Marek Glogowski have found a problem and yesterday he fixed it!
Thank you very much!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Filter by months and years in Calc pivot table

I have a huge spreadsheet with many data about work days and hours of special construction machinery with a date of work. There is a pivot table created from that data, where I can see number of hours for every object by type of the machinery. And I need to have a filter by month and years in the Calc pivot table.
But I got a problem when I wanted make a filter using normal pivot table control functionality. I moved Date field to Page fields area: 
and I had a filter by Date in Pivot table, but...
I can't select monts or years there, only days! I want have opportunity like in the Autofilter:
Can I get it in the Pivot table? Yes (nearly)! There are several methods for it.
First, I can add additional columns to the source table, one for month number with formula like =MONTHS(<link_to_cell_with_date>) and second for years with formula like =YEAR(<link_to_cell_with_date>). And I'll have the source table like this:
Then I should change a source in my Pivot table's properties dialog and drag Mounth and Year items to Page fields area. And I have next:
It works fine, I can select months (one or several) and years (one or several), but can I make it without any additional column in my source table? Yes, I can.
Second method is creating of filters by months and years using Pivot table's parameters and grouping.
Open the Pivot table's properties dialog and drag Date item from Page field area to Row fields area. Note, the Pivot table became very unusable, but that action was need us only for some magic. Then select any cell with date in Pivot table and press F12 key (or use menu Data->Group and Outline->Group). It will open a Grouping dialog:
Check Months and Years items there and press OK button. The Pivot table became less unusable ;-) Then need to open Pivot table's properties dialog and drag Date and Years items from Row fields area to Page fields area and close the dialog. Now I have my filters with months and years:
I see some problems in the appearance of filters in second method. 
I can't change name Date to Months! Interesting than I can change filed name in MS Excel in that case. MS Excel allows to set a custom name for the field. 
And both filters have some boundary values like <11/01/2017 and >04/05/2019. I don't know why does it need, but they are.
The second method looks very strange and not obvious. In general that actions is a full copy from MS Excel and I don't like a process, but I need a result of that magic.
The same Russian post is here.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Charts in Writer documents

If you use LibreOffice Calc, then you know it can insert charts to sheet using some data from selected cell range (if not, then it's a pity). LibreOffice Writer allows to make the same. There are two variants for insertng charts into text document:
1 variant. You just use menu Insert->Chart or icon on toolbar. Will be insert a default chart:
Then you should customize your chart using tools on special toolbar (select type of chart, add legend, etc.). And in that case you should add your data in an internal table manually:
That dialog is very uncomfortable. If your data will be update, then you should be change data in that internal table in chart editing mode.
2 variant. You already have some table with your data in your Writer document. Click inside of your table and select Insert->Chart. It opens a chart wizard instead simple default chart! That wizard is the same as in Calc:
You can customize your chart as you want there. Note, there are already data range in the field on wizard's step two. And that data range is from your source table!
Possibly, you should change it! 
Note, a table name is default in that field (Table1). If you'll plan to have many charts from many tables in your text document, then give them unique names before creating of charts.
There is a bonus in using of variant 2. The chart will be autoupdate after changing a data in the table!
Attention! That autoupdate mechanism was changed in LibreOffice 5.3 for perfomance optimization. Unfortunately, now you should enter to chart edit mode and exit from it at once after changing of data in the table for updating of chart=( There is a bug about it and I hope someone fix it.
Note, a chart from table will be created above table! But after creating of chart you can move it into another place in your document. Link will be saved.