Monday, November 18, 2019

Automatic row numbering in the Writer tables

Often we have a Writer table with some numbering in its first column. And when you delete some rows from the table, then you should to make your numbering in first column anew.
There is a beautiful method for that case special for you! After that you shouldn't re-create your numbering in the table.
Just make next steps:
1. Create a table in Writer
2. Select needed column or several cells in column
3. Press Toggle Numbered List icon on toolbar (or select some list style on the Sidebar)
4. Now you have AUTOMATIC numbering of table rows!
For example, you created a numbering for 10 rows. Try delete 5th and 6th row. Your numbering is updated automatic and you have numbering from 1 to 8. And if you insert two row between existing rows with numbering, then you'll get numbering from 1 to 10 automatic also.
You can disable that numbering using the same way as when you created it. Just select cells with numbering and press Toggle Numbered List icon.
The same Russian post is here.

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