Monday, November 25, 2019

Charts in Writer documents

If you use LibreOffice Calc, then you know it can insert charts to sheet using some data from selected cell range (if not, then it's a pity). LibreOffice Writer allows to make the same. There are two variants for insertng charts into text document:
1 variant. You just use menu Insert->Chart or icon on toolbar. Will be insert a default chart:
Then you should customize your chart using tools on special toolbar (select type of chart, add legend, etc.). And in that case you should add your data in an internal table manually:
That dialog is very uncomfortable. If your data will be update, then you should be change data in that internal table in chart editing mode.
2 variant. You already have some table with your data in your Writer document. Click inside of your table and select Insert->Chart. It opens a chart wizard instead simple default chart! That wizard is the same as in Calc:
You can customize your chart as you want there. Note, there are already data range in the field on wizard's step two. And that data range is from your source table!
Possibly, you should change it! 
Note, a table name is default in that field (Table1). If you'll plan to have many charts from many tables in your text document, then give them unique names before creating of charts.
There is a bonus in using of variant 2. The chart will be autoupdate after changing a data in the table!
Attention! That autoupdate mechanism was changed in LibreOffice 5.3 for perfomance optimization. Unfortunately, now you should enter to chart edit mode and exit from it at once after changing of data in the table for updating of chart=( There is a bug about it and I hope someone fix it.
Note, a chart from table will be created above table! But after creating of chart you can move it into another place in your document. Link will be saved. 

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