Friday, November 8, 2019

Footnotes and Endnotes in LibreOffice Writer

It's translation of my Russian post about Footnotes and Endnotes to English.
What's Footnote? Wiki says us next:
A note is a string of text placed at the bottom of a page in a book or document or at the end of a chapter, volume or the whole text. The note can provide an author's comments on the main text or citations of a reference work in support of the text. Footnotes are notes at the foot of the page while endnotes are collected under a separate heading at the end of a chapter, volume, or entire work.
It looks in the text document so:
Note, the notes in the text are highlight by gray color. It made for help of users and will not be print on paper.
LibreOffice Writer can insert both types of notes: Footnotes and Endnotes.
On image above you see that footnotes places in bottom of page and endnotes places on latest page in the document. Page with endnotes is always latest page in the document. If you have last "empty" page in your document with even only one empty paragraph, then the endnotes page will be next page anyway.
Font size for footnotes and endnotes is smaller than basic font size in text body by default.
Use menu "Insert->Footnote and Endnote->Footnote" and "Insert->Footnote and Endnote->Endnote" to insert notes.
Notes have own options. You can find it in "Tools->Footnotes and Endnotes...". I think it needs to rename that item to something like "Foot/Endnotes settings".
The dialog has two tabs:
Here can set up numbering type, for Footnotes can to set up counting per page, per chapter or per document, can select paragraph ans symbol styles, etc.
Footnotes have else one place with some parameters. It's "Page style" dialog, "Footnote" tab:
Look at two options in Footnote area section. Its are responsible for footnotes area height on the page. If you select "Maximum footnote height" with small value and your footnote's text will be too long, then that text could be move to next page to its footnotes area. It may be unwanted. Also here you can customize Separator line between text body and footnotes area.
Next place with some parameters for notes is "Paragraph style" dialog for Footnote or Endnote. Select your Footnote (or Endnote), open Styles tab in the Sidebar, select Footnote (or Endnote) in the list of styles, right click and select "Modify":
Here you can change many options for text of footnotes.
Note, you can select any paragraph style for footnotes (or endnotes) text. Just for your convenience LibreOffice already has predefined styles. Footnote paragraph style is just style by default for footnotes.
Next thing that you'll want customize is note number view in the text body. Use options of Footnote (or Endnote) anchor symbol style. Find that style in the list of symbol styles in the Sidebar, right click on style name and select "Modify". Use "Font" and "Position" tabs in the dialog to customize view of note number.
Also Footnote text in bottom of the page has a number. If you want customize that number view, then use changing of "Footnote (or Endnote) characters" character style.
And, finally, there are pair of lifehacks for work with Footnotes and Endnotes in Writer text document.
First. Possibly you'll want to have two or more the same footnote number in the text body that will be link with only one footnote text in bottom of the page:
Make follow steps:
1. Insert first Footnote using menu "Insert->Footnote and Endnote->Footnote"
2. Second and all next the same number we'll be insert using dialog "Insert->Cross-reference...". In "Type" list select "Footnote", in "Insert reference to" list select "Reference, then press "Insert" button. You got link to the same footnote. But it looks like text body text. So...
3. Select your second footnote number in text body and apply to it "Footnote anchor" symbol style!
Second. Normally Endnotes place on latest page of the document. But there is a method for placing of Endnotes after end of text body at once.
1. Make sure you have all need Endnotes in the your document. 
2. Select all text using Ctrl+A.
3. Select menu "Insert->Section"
4. Go to Footnotes/Endnotes tab
5. Check "Collect at end of section" in Endnotes section
6. Press "Insert" button
Voila, we have Endnotes after text body at once.

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