Sunday, November 10, 2019

The best LibreOffice Extensions. Remove Duplicates Fast

There are many good extensions for LibreOffice. You can find it all on site I want to tell you about the best from it.
So, there is an enhancement 85976 about adding of Remove Duplicates feature to LibreOffice Calc. That is really useful function and LibreOffice Calc isn't having it now.
However, there is Remove Duplicates Fast extension that adds need feature to Calc. It's a fork of another extension Remove Duplicates.
RDF allows you delete all row duplicates from selected range using values from one or more column. Just download it by link above, install and use it from Data menu.
Thanks to Mike Kaganski for great code writing.


  1. Yay!!!

    Just a question, couldn't this extension be added by default to LO Calc?
    Also please consider adding support for the Notebookbar so that it shows in the extension tabs!

    1. Pedro, any developer can add that useful feature into LibreOffice. But there is a problem with it. Nobody want make it=(


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