Sunday, November 15, 2020

If you updated your mac to macOS Big Sur then you have problems with LibreOffice

First problem - only LibreOffice 7.0 and newer works on macOS 11 Big Sur. Nobody knows why. So if you use older version you should update your LibreOffice to 7.0.3

Second problem - if you have a Retina screen (HiDPI), then you can't use LibreOffice, because all text will be blured. There is a bug 138122

So, Apple, thank you!


  1. Anonymous3:09 AM

    I think apple are trying to force their own software on mac owners more unless its on the appstore by making it harder for developers. I noticed the blurring effect on calc straight away after updating to bigsur and thought this can only be caused by apple. I stay clear of their propriety software as they don't support open doc, will be avoiding apple hardware in future.

  2. > only LibreOffice 7.0 and newer works on macOS 11 Big Sur.

    On my Big Sur LibreOffice is running.

    1. I tried download and install a latest 6.4 version but it isn't start on macOS 11. I tested my all installed LO version starting from 5.2 and they aren't work there.
      So I happy that you can use 6.4.

    2. Same BIG SUR 11.0.1 problem. I updated my LibreOffice ver to ver and it seems to work fine so far.

  3. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Not *only* 7.0. Version works fine (except for what might relate to the Retina problem) on Big Sur 11.01 on my Mac. The blur problem is no more [but contrary to when the blur disappeared before, the text is less crisp], however the LibreOffice window is too fond of going completely (or almost completely) grey [one solution: switch to another program window and switch back and repeat when the grey reoccurs, which it will]

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM

    I'm using Libre Office 7.3.1 and it's hopeless now I've moved to Big Sur (which is slowing everything down anyway). No screen blur, but Libre Office very slow to load, and once you've created a document, you can't print it,as the print window presents as over-sized for the screen, so the function buttons at the bottom are hidden, and the window won't move about. Everything locks, and I have to turn my machine off to regain control. Equal problems with many other applications. Big Sur = bbig headache!


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