Sunday, October 11, 2020

Great merged cells filling improvements in LibreOffice 7.1

Attila Szűcs, one from hungarian LibreOffice developers (he's from NISZ team) made great improvements for work with merged cells.

I'll show you pair of images for illustrate it (left - 7.0, right - 7.1):


Select three cells, merge it (as shown on left image) and then try drag-fill columns down. A result was strange and very unexpected. Now in 7.1 it works as users wanted last 8 year, look at right image. It works for filling in to any direction!

Go further:

If you want to have merged cells with some number sequences, then you got a result as on left image above (Merge A1 with A2 and A3 with A4, type 1 into first merged cells and 2 into second, select both and try fill cells down). But now in 7.1 all work as users could expect! Look at a right image above.

It's really great, right?

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