Friday, February 28, 2020

Navigator imprevements by Jim Raykowski

Jim Raikowski, one from LibreOffice's developers, has made many very nice Navigator improvements for Writer and Calc.
- Navigator's categories are gray if they don't have any items. It works in Writer and in Calc Navigators.
- New items Go To, Edit, Delete, Rename were added for all objects context menu in Writer's Navigator (Headings, Tables, Frames, Images, etc.)
- New items Promote/Demote level and Promote/Demote chapter were added to Headings context menu in Writer's Navigator
- Added a new feature "Outline tracking" for Headings in Writer's Navigator. You'll can find it in Hedings context menu in the Navigator. It can be in three states: Default, Focus, Off. Try click by your mouse in several place in your big text document with many headings. You'll see that Headings in Navigator will be selected automatically according to text cursor position.
- It was replaced the navigation toolbox with the navigate by elements control. 
It all will be available in future LibreOffice 7 release in early August 2020. But you already can try it right now if you'll install a LibreOffice's daily build from
Thanks Jim for your great work!


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I would be really great if the navigator had an option to show only headings and nothing else, without the 'headings' root, just the first level headings themselves as the roots of the tree.

    1. You can do next:

      1. Press "Content navigation view" button in Navigator and you'll see only Headings

      2. Press "Heading Level Show" drop-down widget in Navigator and select there 1, then you'll see only Headings with level 1

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    it it possible to highlight the headers in the "Content navigation view" based on the search results? Or are there any plans to implement it in the foreseeable future?

    1. I don't know=( But you can write an enhancement to our bugzilla


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