Saturday, January 4, 2020

About problems in LibreOffice from Linux distro packages

Very big thank you for all people who write bug reports about LibreOffice in to our bugzilla. But sometime I see, that your problems are only in Linux distro's (like SuSe, Ubuntu, Arch, etc.) LibreOffice and we can't repro your problem in LibreOffice from TDF site.
Your reports are really very important for our project and you really help make LibreOffice better. Unfortunately, we have only several active QA member now. So I have a big request for you, dear bug reporters: before post a report with LibreOffice problem in to our bugzilla, please make sure that your problem reproducible not only in your installed LibreOffice but also in LibreOffice downloaded from TDF site. It makes QA work more simple.
Thank you for your reports anyway.


  1. Hi Roman, I got this news from TDF's planet. Thank you for your kind reminder. I use LibreOffice at all time and this is valuable for me also. Very big thanks for your dedication in LibreOffice.

  2. I'm a senior Computer Science lecturer and works with all kinds of coding etc. Your v6.3.4. I use Win 10 pro-64-bit. In anticipation, downloaded the product and a very strange error 1714 occur. First time ever. There is no other LO installation as I totally removed v6.1.x quite some time ago. I check the registry for - BA9B53C73EC281C4EBC7B579AE80E93B - nothing, not even any L.O. insertions in any of the hive_keys. I downloaded v6.4.1 to see if it will work, exactly the same issue. I checked then comparing filesize's and logs - nothing. I then checked for file integrity issues, nothing, even Avast etc allows the installation. Finally I check if my Win installation is validated as operational stable using 3x different process packages, absolutely nothing wrong. In my Linux 64-bit partition, same computer, everything works well, same version. There is a error in your Win distribution. Please attend to it and post a correction.

    1. I think you should write about it into Bugzilla, because all latest versions of LibreOffice work fine for me on Win 10. Possibly you should redownload LibreOffice installer and check options in your antivirus


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